1380 Karai,33600 Enggor, Kuala Kangsar Perak Darul Ridzwan, Malaysia

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Message from the Management


Dear Customers,

We built Hotel in Karai, a town that most people has forgotten. Karai was a glorious place in the past. 

It was developed by the British when coal was found not far from the town. Karai lost its glory in 

1928 when the price of coal came down and petrol took over to run steam engine and machineries. 

From that day, Karai has run down and many visitors has regarded Karai as ghost town, sleepy town, 

or lost town. Karai has struggled for 90 years and fortunately still survive until today. There were no 

development in Karai and up until today, people in Karai feels that they are still living in the 

past. D’Village founder was born in Karai. He wanted to bring back the glorious time Karai had in the 

past. No one ever thought a Hotel can emerge in Karai but here it is.


We are not just building Hotel in Karai but we built a place for people to get together to refresh their 

relationship. The Victoria Bridge, located in front of the Hotel symbolize the connection that we want 

to bring everyone back to the glorious days of the past. We built hotel and other facilities that create 

connectivity and relationship for everyone. We bring the past for everyone back to feel. Let’s breath 

the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful surrounding again just like what our great grandparents were 

blessed with.


Everyone is most welcome to stay with us to enjoy the memories of the past. Try the delicious 100 

years old local breakfast, the ‘Kundas’ that you will never get anywhere else.


Terima Kasih  .  Thank You  .